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How to Record the Song of a DVD Movie?

Jun 13th, 2012by Boren 4,754 views |Comments Off

Sometimes, we would specially like a song of a movie. When I saw a movie named Love In Disguise, I just moved by the theme song and the interlude. And I cannot find it elsewhere. What can I do? Is it possible for me to record the songs? The answer is yes. DVD X Player has the ability to record audio and save as MP3 file. Then you can enjoy it on cell phone or MP3 players. Read More »

How to Record DVD Movie onto Hard Drive?

Jun 12th, 2012by Boren 10,347 views |1 Comments

People use DVD instead of CD due to some extra benefits. DVD holds clearer pictures and better quality sound, and stores the entire movie in one single disc, so we don’t need to carry many CDs. Can we record DVD and save onto the hard drive, so that we can repeatedly play some splendid moments without wearing the disc or DVD drive?

With a built-in DVD recorder, it is possible for use to record DVD as MPEG-2 video with DVD X Player. Let’s have a look at how to record DVD movie. Read More »

How to Play Media Files DivX / XviD / MP4 / Real Media / QuickTime / VOB?

Jun 11th, 2012by Boren 4,774 views |Comments Off

There are various kinds of media files on internet available for you to enjoy. DVD X Player is not only a DVD player but also a video player. It supports many popular media files like DivX, XviD, MP4, Real Media, QuickTime, and VOB. Read More »

How to Play VCD and SVCD with DVD X Player?

Jun 11th, 2012by Boren 5,654 views |Comments Off

A VCD can store about 70 minutes video, while SVCD can hold much higher video quality, especially much more sharp picture than VCD because of the higher resolution, but only can store 45-60 minutes video and far from all DVD players can play SVCD.

Besides playing DVD, DVD X Player also has the ability to play VCD and SVCD. This basic article will explain how to play VCD and SVCD with DVD X Player. Read More »

How to Play DVD Using DVD X Player?

Jun 09th, 2012by Boren 8,911 views |1 Comments

It is very simple to watch a film using DVD X Player. Commonly, you just need to insert the disc; DVD X Player will automatically detect the disc and begin to play it. It provides a control panel for you to play the disc at your will: play, pause, stop, repeat, control for volume, mute, speed, chapter and menu navigation. Following is the tutorial on how to play DVD with the region free DVD player. Read More »

How to Play Real Media File?

Feb 08th, 2012by Boren 4,334 views |1 Comments

If you have obtained an .rm file, then you have a Real Media file. These files are intended to be used for streaming content over the Internet. However, while Real Media is still in wide use, newer streaming options beat it hands down for quality. How to play Real Media file?

Does Windows Media support Real Media file?

Due to the competition between Real Networks and Microsoft, neither Windows Media Player supports Real Media audio and video files nor does Real Networks release any patch for WMP. But Real Networks release patch for other media players. Read More »

What is a code free DVD player?

Dec 22nd, 2011by Boren 3,415 views |Comments Off

We all know that DVDs and DVD players are region locked and divided by geographical regions. A “DVD Region Lock” is technology on DVD players that prevents those who live in one region from successfully viewing a DVD movie that was produced and distributed for a different region. Example, if your friend purchase a DVD movie in US (region 1) and send it to you who live in Australia (region 4); the DVD will not be playable on your DVD player. How could you manage to play this DVD movie? Is there any DVD player that can play it? The answer is yes. You could find a code free DVD player. Read More »

Record DVD as MP3 audio files to fit your digital audio player or mobile phone

Nov 29th, 2011by Boren 3,508 views |1 Comments

Suppose you are planning a party and you need enough music to transfer atmosphere at the whole night. You have a mobile phone or a digital audio player that could connect with your stereo speakers. Or suppose you are a hip-hop fun who always dances in outdoor. You would like to get to prepare some MP3 format music from your audio DVD collection. What can you do? Read More »

Record Videos and Convert Recorded Video Files to MPEG Files

Nov 27th, 2011by Boren 3,064 views |Comments Off

What is MPEG?
The Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) is a working group of experts that was formed by ISO and IEC to set standards for audio and video compression and transmission.

MPEG-1 is a standard for lossy compression of video and audio. It is designed to compress VHS-quality raw digital video and CD audio down to 1.5 Mbit/s (26:1 and 6:1 compression ratios respectively) without excessive quality loss, making video CDs, digital cable/satellite TV and digital audio broadcasting (DAB) possible. Read More »

DVD player software reviews

Nov 25th, 2011by Boren 10,078 views |Comments Off

Why DVD Player Software?
We love movies, right? Especially in a large, luxurious and overcrowded theater, with a super large screen and the mega-channel surround sound that vibrates every part of our body. Now, with DVD player software you can capture all the things you like and enjoy in the experience as sitting in the theater and pack them all into your computer. Read More »