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How can I rip audio from a DVD to play as MP3 or burn to a CD?

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Use a DVD ripping tool(e.g. DVD X Player, CloneDVD 5) to extract Dolby Digital or PCM (WAV) files from a DVD. Then use a utility to convert to MP3, WMA, or other formats, or to burn to an audio CD. Read More »

What is the system requirement of DVD X Player?

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Generally speaking, neally all Windows based computers can use this DVD player software. As for the detailed requirement, here is it:

CPU: Intel CPU with 350 MHz and MMX, or AMD CPU with 450 MHz and 3Dnow! or higher
DVD Drive: all DVD-ROM drives except for Matshita, Sony VAIO and Toshiba satellite Read More »

How to remove region code/protection with DVD X Player?

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Ask: What procedure do I have to go in order to watch a region coded DVD disc with DVD X Player?
Answer: You don’t have to do anything special to watch a region coded DVD, because it can remove the region code automaticly. What you need to do is just insert the DVD and run DVD X Player and watch it! That’s it.

What is dual layer disc? Can I play it on my PC?

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Dual-layer disc is a kind of disc which has two layers of data, the first layer is semi-transparent so that the laser can go through it and read data on the second layer. Since both layers are readable from one side, a dual-layer disc can hold almost twice as much data as a single-layer disc, typically 4 hours of video.

Initially only a few replication plants could make dual-layer discs, now it is available almost everywhere. The second layer can use either a PTP (parallel track path) layout where both tracks run in parallel (for independent data or special switching effects), or an OTP (opposite track path) layout where the second track runs in an opposite spiral; that is, the pickup head reads out from the center on the first track then in from the outside on the second track. The OTP layout, also called RSDL (reverse-spiral dual layer), is designed to provide continuous video across both layers. When the laser pickup head reaches the end of the first layer it changes focus to the second layer and starts moving back toward the center of the disc. The layer change can occur anywhere in the video; it doesn’t have to be at a chapter point. There’s no guarantee that the switch between layers will be seamless. The layer change is invisible on some players, but it can cause the video to freeze for a fraction of a second or as long as 4 seconds on other players. The “seamlessness” depends as much on the way the disc is prepared as on the design of the player. The advantage of two layers is that long movies can use higher data rates for better quality than with a single layer. See 1.27 for more about layer changes.

Dual-layer discs have three paticular features: 1) the gold color, 2) a menu on the disc for selecting the widescreen or fullscreen version, 3) two serial numbers on one side.

Players and drives of your computer are two major factors that decide whether a dual-layer disc is readable or not. There are very few units that have problems with dual-layer discs–this is a design flaw and should be corrected for free by the manufacturer. Some discs are designed with a “seamless layer change” that technically goes beyond what the DVD spec allows. This causes problems on a few older players.

All players and drives can play double-sided discs if you flip them over. No manufacturer has announced a model that will play both sides, other than a few DVD jukeboxes. The added cost would be hard to justify since discs can hold over 4 hours of video on one side by using two layers. (Early discs used two sides because dual-layer production was not widely supported. This is no longer a problem.)

Reference: http://www.dvddemystified.com/dvdfaq.html#1.18(Reedited)
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Can I play a region-coded DVD which does not match the region of my DVD-ROM drive?

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Yes, you can. Several years before, this couldn’t be done, but now, we can proudly say that we make it happened. Our R & D faculty – BlazeVideo R & D department brought the world with the first region free DVD player software in the worldDVD X Player. It is also a CSS free DVD player, it can also remove Macrovision (Analog Copy Protection) and UOPs (User Operation Prohibitions). With this great feature, you can change soundtracks and hide forced subtitle.

What’s more, it can also record your preferred DVD movies to MP4 format for playback on most popular portable devices like iPod/ iPhone/ PSP/ BlackBerry/ Cellphone/ Zune.

For more details, please go to our website: http://www.dvd-x-player.com/

How can I use the DVD X Player again?

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Question: I downloaded the DVD X Player trial version from your website http://www.dvd-x-player.com/, and used it for a couple of days quite well, I want to use it again, it seems doesn’t work anymore,do I have to buy it or can you give me a extention on the trial date?

Solution: Thank you for your support for our product. In order to protect our copyright, the DVD X Player trial version have certain restrictions, you can only use it free of charge for 15 days, after that you have to purchase it from us. Please click DVD X Player to buy from us. Then you can use it for lifelong, and enjoy free update service.

What should I do if I have trouble in registering in DVD X Player

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There are two different versions of DVD X Player: Pro and Standard.

When you have trouble in registering your DVD X Player, please do below steps:

1. Please check if you have installed the correct version of DVD X Player on your PC. If not, please un-install it and download the correct version from http://www.clonedvd.net/download.html, then register it with your current serial number. Read More »

How do I get rid of the black bars at the top and bottom?

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The black bars are part of the letterbox process (see 3.5), and in many cases you can’t get rid of them, even if you have a widescreen TV. If you set the display option in your player to pan & scan (sometimes called fullscreen or 4:3) instead of letterbox Read More »

Why do I have problems playing DVDs on my computer?

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There are thousands of answers to this question, but here are some basic troubleshooting steps to help you track down problems such as jerky playback, pauses, error messages, and so on.

* Get updated software. Driver bugs are the biggest cause of playback problems, ranging from freezes to bogus error messages about regions. Read More »

Can DVD record from TV/VCR/etc?

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Yes, if you have a DVD recorder. When DVD was originally introduced in 1997, only players were available. Most DVD units sold today are still play-only, but recorders are available and affordable. DVD video recorders first appeared in Japan at the end of 1999, and in the rest of the world at the end of 2000. Early units were expensive, $2,500 to $4,000, but models are available for under $100 today. DVD recorders are being added to satellite and cable receivers, hard-disk video recorders, and other advanced consumer electronics devices. Read More »