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Free Download MP4 Video Converter

Nov 09th, 2012by Boren 3,712 views |Comments Off

Aviosoft Video Converter works as a clean and powerful MP4 video converter which enables users to rip large variety of videos into MP4 video format for playback on almost all popular portable entertainment devices such as the New iPad, iPad 2, iPad, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone, iPod Touch, PSP, Android phones, Nokia, BlackBerry, other cell phones and more.

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What is the main features of DVD-VIDEO?

Apr 30th, 2010by dvdxplayer 2,451 views |Comments Off

* Using high quality MPEG-2 video standard
* Support for 4:3 full screen, 4:3 PS, 16:9 wide-screen and other screen formats deformation
* Supports up to eight tracks of digital audio and 32 subtitle
* Each sound track can have up to 8 channels
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Do I need to register my software before using it?

Jan 19th, 2010by dvdxplayer 1,779 views |Comments Off

You can register CloneDVD software any time.  However, we strongly recommend that you register your software as soon as possible, so we can provide you with full support when you need it. The greatest benefit of registrating a product is that the software will never remind you of registering it every time when you launch it after trial version is expired. Read More »