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‘Anonymous’ to begin social network

Jul 19th, 2011by dvdxplayer 2,165 views |Comments Off

It appears that the hacktivist group Anonymous has been kicked from Google+, along using the group getting lost their Gmail and other google accounts.

The account, “Your Anon News” was taken down for not violating “Community Standards.” Read More »

Google Voice Search

Jun 14th, 2011by dvdxplayer 2,061 views |Comments Off

Google Voice Search for desktop computers, which the Web giant presented today, isn’t very much far more than the corporation porting a technology that’s been on cellular phones for a while to PCs.

But don’t write it off as a trivial bit of technology as well quickly. Voice Search on the desktop moves computing one action closer towards the natural user interface that’s been the holy grail of computing for decades. Read More »

Google, Facebook test IPv6 web upgrade

Jun 08th, 2011by dvdxplayer 1,948 views |Comments Off

Wednesday is globe IPv6 Day, a clunky name for an experiment that should be invisible to web surfers but plays a critical role in keeping the web operating smoothly.

One of the Net’s foundational layers is the web Protocol, a worldwide communications traditional utilized for linking attached devices together. every networked produc Read More »

Apple all set to launch iTunes Cloud service

May 23rd, 2011by dvdxplayer 1,951 views |Comments Off

According to Bloomberg, Apple is all set to start their iTunes cloud service, owning secured licensing agreements with three of the huge four labels.

Apple has reached agreements with EMI, Warner music group and Sony music and is close to a cope with Universal music Group, the largest brand in your world. Read More »

Google halts its newspaper digitization operations

May 23rd, 2011by dvdxplayer 1,678 views |Comments Off

Google has confirmed that it will stop digitizing old newspapers, blaming publishers who were searching to produce revenue off the archives rather than just leaving them absolutely free online like google wanted.

All old digital content articles will be discovered at news.google.com/archivesearch however the selection will not grow starting today. Read More »

Apple denies tracking iPhone and iPad users

Apr 28th, 2011by dvdxplayer 2,236 views |Comments Off

Breaking nearly a week of silence to respond to a mounting outcry, apple Inc. denied that it was tracking iphone and ipad users but said that it experienced discovered bugs that resulted in too significantly area data being kept about the devices.
The corporation said the fact that controversy resulted in aspect due to the actuality that users had become “confused” by the specialized complexity of the issue, and the fact that devices store geographical files in order to give you Read More »