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DVD player software reviews

Nov 25th, 2011by Boren 9,961 views |Comments Off

Why DVD Player Software?
We love movies, right? Especially in a large, luxurious and overcrowded theater, with a super large screen and the mega-channel surround sound that vibrates every part of our body. Now, with DVD player software you can capture all the things you like and enjoy in the experience as sitting in the theater and pack them all into your computer. Read More »

A new video player – “Left eye key” – STORM 5 Official Version

Oct 26th, 2011by Boren 2,318 views |Comments Off

On October 26th, 2011, Windstorm has released a new official version online video player STORM 5, which is the second storm since August 16, STORM 5 beta announced after. This is the release of the official version.

STORM 5 beta features can be summed up as the new version adopts a new procedural framework, three times faster starting speed. At the same time, the “speed skin” supports 40-687 kinds of video formats. Read More »