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We take a first-hand look at the Handstand for iPad 2 and its innovative, mobile design.

May 19th, 2011by dvdxplayer 1,373 views |Comments Off

We unabashedly adore the apple ipad and apple ipad a couple of right here at electronic Trends, however the Apple tablets aren’t without small problems. at least a few us have observed that holding the apple ipad in your hand for prolonged periods of your time can cause a bit of wrist fatigue. The Handstand case aims to eliminate that issue by giving you a secure hold in 1 hand which means you can effortlessly function about the apple ipad with the other. these days the company launched the Handstand a couple of case created specifically for the new apple ipad 2. We got our hands, no pun intended, on among the Handstand a couple of cases and decided to see how well it lived up to its promises. Read More »