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What is miniDVD?

Mar 18th, 2010by dvdxplayer 1,773 views |Comments Off

In brief, miniDVD is basically a DVD on a CD. Video is MPEG2 of course – preferably VBR and audio can be MPEG1 audio layer 2, raw uncompressed PCM or AC3.

A miniDVD can contain bitrates up to 10mbit/s (audio and video combined). Video quality can be up to an actual DVD level if you accept the limited playtime of a CD. You can create DVD-like menus as well.

The drawback is that miniDVDs will only play on PCs and on a very limited number of standalone players. That’s where the “mini” lies, one edge may cause flaw in other way, absolute perfect stuff seems doesn’t favor us! (by: DVD player 2012)

What so ever, anyway?