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The guidence of DVD purchase

Mar 25th, 2010by dvdxplayer 2,154 views |Comments Off

For one time play or for collection?
If just for DVD play, then no need to over-pursue version! As long as a clear translation in general can be fine. To be frankly, lossy compression (ysys) D5 film much better than the VCD, and I usually buy the D5 film, I buy D9 for collection, buy the D9 version of a good movie, so D5 does give us more to enjoy the film and a good way to save money (flyerzeng language). Read More »

Can I play a region-coded DVD which does not match the region of my DVD-ROM drive?

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Yes, you can. Several years before, this couldn’t be done, but now, we can proudly say that we make it happened. Our R & D faculty – BlazeVideo R & D department brought the world with the first region free DVD player software in the worldDVD X Player. It is also a CSS free DVD player, it can also remove Macrovision (Analog Copy Protection) and UOPs (User Operation Prohibitions). With this great feature, you can change soundtracks and hide forced subtitle.

What’s more, it can also record your preferred DVD movies to MP4 format for playback on most popular portable devices like iPod/ iPhone/ PSP/ BlackBerry/ Cellphone/ Zune.

For more details, please go to our website: http://www.dvd-x-player.com/