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Difference between HDTVRip / DVDRip / DVDScr / TVRip / TC / RMVB format

Mar 21st, 2010by dvdxplayer 22,693 views |Comments Off

· HDTVRip is directly converted from film into digital video, it is of high-definition picture quality, only a small number of such videos are available, most of them are classic movies, or commercials;

· DVDRip is a compressed from the retail version of DVD, video and audio quality is almost the same with the original DVD. Why does the DVD have 5G big, but DVDRip only 700Mb or so? Because DVDRip is the result of advanced compression coding techniques, and must be decoded by a specific procedure in order to play, regardless of the software and hardware to achieve the performance of such decoders, must also have high-performance chips, the average DVD do not have so powerful chip;

· DVDScr is converted from the preview version of DVD, which film companies give to the promoters, it comes a little earlier than DVDRip, with not so good picture quality;

· TVRip is recorded from the television, most of them are television programs;

· RMVB generally comes from cartoons, television programs, television dramas. RMVB files are smaller, but the quality is very poor, and generally marked with the production team at the beginning of the video play, no RMVB movies in VeryCD.
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