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What is 1080i and 1080p?

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1080i and 1080p are the shorthand name for two category of video modes. The number 1080 stands for 1080 lines of vertical resolution, while the letter i stands for interlaced or non-progressive scan, the letter p stands for progressive scan or non-interlaced. Read More »

What is MP3 ID3 Tag and ID3?

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We all know MP3, but not everyone konws MP3 ID3 Tag, or ID3, here is an explanation:

An MP3 ID3 Tag is information stored at the end of an MP3 file. The tag can contain information about the Title/Songname, Read More »

MPEG format

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History. Approximately a decade old, yet newer than AVI, the MPEG format was an attempt to provide high quality video using smaller file sizes, as invented by the Moving Pictures Expert Group. The MPEG format has seen several variations over the years, having been one of the first streaming formats using SGI WebForce MediaBase (which failed), becoming the MPEG-1 VCD specification, moving to the digital satellite DBS/DVB/DVB-II MPEG-2 formats, becoming the de facto DVD MPEG-2 format, using the popular MPEG-Layer III (MP3) audio format, and most recently as the MPEG-4 DivX video format for video swapping online. Read More »

What is VKI?

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Variable Keyframe Interval. Basically that means that keyframes will not be inserted in regular intervals as in the regular DivX codecs but where they are needed. There are 2 ways of VKI: The first is that the encoder analyzes the compressed frame, compares it against the original and re-encodes the frame again as a keyframe if the quality Read More »

What is Window Media?

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Microsoft’s proprietary architecture for audio and video on the PC. It’s based on a collection of codecs which can be used by the WindowsMedia Player to play files encoded in any supported format. There are 3 released of the WindowsMedia codec architecture: version 7, 8 and 9. Those codecs are natively supported Read More »

What is VTS?

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A group of related video titles having similar display format (standard screen or wide screen) or aspect ratio comprises a video title set (VTS).

VTS stands for Video TitleSet and means a set of consecutively named VOB files with the corresponding IFO and BUP files. For instance VTS2 would be VTS_02_0.VOB (containing the menus), VTS_02_1.VOB, VTS_02_2.VOB, etc, Read More »

What is MKV and how to play it?

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First, to clarify a misunderstanding, mkv is not a compressed format, DivX, XviD is the video compression format, mp3, ogg is audio compression format. The mkv is a “combination” and “package” format, in other words is a container format.

Universal multimedia container Read More »

What is XviD?

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XviD is a word play, read it the reverse way and you might find a familiar term. XviD is an open source MPEG-4 codec which depending on whom you’re asking yields even better quality than the best DivX codec.

Difference between HDTVRip / DVDRip / DVDScr / TVRip / TC / RMVB format

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· HDTVRip is directly converted from film into digital video, it is of high-definition picture quality, only a small number of such videos are available, most of them are classic movies, or commercials;

· DVDRip is a compressed from the retail version of DVD, video and audio quality is almost the same with the original DVD. Why does the DVD have 5G big, but DVDRip only 700Mb or so? Because DVDRip is the result of advanced compression coding techniques, and must be decoded by a specific procedure in order to play, regardless of the software and hardware to achieve the performance of such decoders, must also have high-performance chips, the average DVD do not have so powerful chip;

· DVDScr is converted from the preview version of DVD, which film companies give to the promoters, it comes a little earlier than DVDRip, with not so good picture quality;

· TVRip is recorded from the television, most of them are television programs;

· RMVB generally comes from cartoons, television programs, television dramas. RMVB files are smaller, but the quality is very poor, and generally marked with the production team at the beginning of the video play, no RMVB movies in VeryCD.
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What is Composite Video?

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Composite Video refers to video in which all of the picture information is combined into only one signal as opposed to being separated into unique components of luminance, color and synchronization information.