Talk about DVD-R Drives

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Technology inevitably arrives with more questions than answers. Even as the tools available to us turn out to be more and more sophisticated, questions frequently remain about how they relate to the tools in the past, how they’re better, and how they are able to accomplish the same tasks and more.

A prime instance can now be seen almost everywhere, as personal computers are shipping with digital video disc drives rather than the more common cd drive, such as all those with DVD-R abilities similar to CD-R. But can these drives also play CDs? Can they record (”burn”) CDs? The following helpful FAQ will help you study what to expect from the next generation of disc drives.

What is the main difference in between a DVD-R drive and a CD-R drive?

A DVD-R drive is frequently a disc drive for your computer which looks, acts, and features just like a CD-R drive, only with the added ability of playing and burning DVDs. in your huge vast majority of cases people are likely to come across, a DVD-R drive, and even a basic digital video disc drive, will also be capable to play and/or burn typical music or data CDs as well.

Obviously, the primary function of the digital video disc drive is to be able to play digital video disc movies on your computer, but with the 3.95GB capacity of DVDs, additionally hold more than 6 times as much data as traditional data CDs, which can only hold 700MB.


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