Best Software Media Players for Movies, Videos and Music

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Finding the best media players for Windows to install on your computer can often be a long and frustrating process. If you have an iPod, maybe iTunes is the best for you to use. This article will list some flexible playing, organizing and synchronizing media to portable media players.

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player has become a very popular media player for Windows PC users. WMP serves as a good all-in-one solution for audio, video, and images. You can build up your music library since it has built-in CD burning engine and ripping facility. Also it can sync to portable MP3, media players.

Media Player Classic

Media player classic is another one. It’s an all in one, very light Media player with the capabilities of playing lots of formats without the need of any special codec. It’s currently maintained by a programmer “Gabest” who decided to make it open source.


Winamp is also an awesome software media player for those who love to listen, watch, manage and sync your media. Another reason why people love Winamp is that you can customize. It also offers the widest range of extensions, skins, and services to add to your listening experience and more. You can use a full version for fee. If you want all its features, you have to pay to upgrade it to pro version.


iPod users would be quite familiar with iTunes. It is useful if you want organize your music library. You can rip your own CDs, burn custom audio CDs, listen to Internet radio, download and more. The disadvantage of iTunes is that it only supports iPod and iPhone, but no other media device.

DVD X Player

A versatile one which plays all media contents. It is a region free DVD player, video & audio player, imager browser, DVD recorder, as well as video converter. Free version is available. Learn more about this media player, please click here.


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