The best Mother’s Day Gift – 25% off for DVD X Player

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“Mom, please stop your footsteps in a hurry to see a movie.” The Mother’s Day is coming. Are you going to prepare a gift for your mother?Now we give you advice!

Buy DVD X Player at 25% discount by using the coupon code MOTHERDAYGIFT before May19, 2013!

DVD X Player is the world’s first DVD region free player software which enables you to watch any region-coded/CSS-encrypted DVD movies on any DVD drive! With this all region free DVD player, you can play any DVD from any country even if you have used up your region counter and can no longer change the DVD drive’s region.

Besides the best region free DVD player, DVD X Player also enables you to play all types of media content like movies, videos, photos and music, and brings the best in video and audio qualities to upgrade all your viewing experience !

DVD X Player Major Features:

•Unlock all DVD region code Region1, Region 2, Region 3…

•Record DVD movie as MPEG2
• Convert recorded video files to ASF, AVI, iPod-MP4, PSP-MP4, MPEG
• DTS & Dolby system supported
• Turn your computer into a Theater
• And more…

DVD X Player Promotion

Purchase DVD X Player Pro or DVD X Player Std Save 25%
Buy DVD X Player 25% discount by entering the coupon code MOTHERDAYGIFT

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