The difference between Multimedia audio and home audio

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First, you have to know the difference between passive speaker and active speaker.

Active Speakers, usually refers to speakers with power amplifiers, such as multimedia computer speakers, active low speakers, as well as some new home theater active speaker and so on. Active Speaker as built-in amplifier, the user need not consider the problem with the amplifier matching, but also easy to use than the direct-drive low level audio signals.

In addition, there are some professional recording with a built-in power amplifier circuits using built-in monitor speakers and the frequency of electronic circuits and electronic frequency amplifier speaker sound box can also be classified as active areas.

Passive Speaker is that most of us are using, the internal power amplifier circuit with no ordinary speaker. Although not with a passive speaker amplifier, but often with the crossover network and impedance compensation circuit.

Active speakers are usually labeled with built-in amplifier output power, input impedance and input signal equal parameters. Active Subwoofers are also labeled with the input signal frequency characteristics (such as full-band signal or low frequency signal), low-pass filter characteristics parameters. Passive Speaker impedance generally marked, power, frequency range.

Then talk about home audio amplifier and multi-media audio material differences:

1. Multimedia audio generally refers to “active speaker.” That is to be the main amplifier and box, directly promoting the speaker sound; home stereo typically use “passive external amplifier + speaker” in the mix!

2. Home audio power generally more! Typically 50W * 2 (8 European, RMS) above; multimedia audio power low. Like the standard 2.0 speaker can do 40w * 2 (8 European, RMS) is not much!

3. The use of material. Home amplifiers commonly used “transistor” or (FET) after class. This amplifier power per channel can easily be more than 100W. The famous post-amplifier stage “amplification” mainly ” Toshiba “or” three-Ken. “control. transistor is characterized by power, low frequency strong; sense of speed is good, magnificent! and both warm and sweet tone. such as Japan’s Toshiba tube, representatives A1943/C5200; A1301 / C3280, A1962/C5242 so. HIFI amplifier in the home, by basically using a perfect relay protection circuit, using over-current, over voltage sampling, through the specially designed protection circuit, played over current, over voltage and short circuit protection. effective protection of the speaker and the amplifier itself. some of them controlled by the thermistor, from the overheating protection.

Multimedia Audio Integrated Amplifier widely used. This amplifier is characterized by: the circuit is very simple. Especially suitable for small space of multimedia box. Drawback is: listen to sense and Danji worse than the crystal plane. Metallic taste some weight. Caring less. And power is not easy to do great. In recent years, there are some boutique amp IC appeared as National Semiconductor’s LM1875T, LM1876 (4766), LM3886, ST’s TDA7294, TDA7293, etc.. currently the best indicator is the “Italian method “companies TDA7293. can be done about 100W. some of the integrated amplifier within itself has a very good protection. such as boot mute delay, short circuit, overheat, overcurrent protection. the chip, LM1876 protection function is complete, it is typical.

4. Speaker unit and a divider. Home audio 5-inch —– commonly used 12-inch woofer unit. And most of them designed a more professional two-stage divider, get very good sound. Multimedia standard 2.0 General a 3 —- 5 inch unit. divider quality mostly as domestic HIFI.

5. Gain the difference. General multimedia design multimedia audio manufacturers, the main consideration is the match with the sound card. Computer sound card itself is built-in low-power amplifier, the output voltage larger! Edifier multimedia speaker series is no exception; mainly aimed at “sound” of the output voltage range to the design. Sound card’s output voltage greater, if the input voltage amplifier chip design too large, easily lead to “saturation distortion”, that is, adjust the volume is large there will be “sonic boom”!

DVD and CD, and MP3, and CD players output voltage less; (manufacturers in the production and sound card with a focus on the relative “neglect” of the combination with other signal sources); so with a DVD, even if volume button to maximum, the sound is still very small! (1900T3 is the obvious example.) Reason is: T3 amplifier chips available to the driving voltage is too small! In fact at this time T3 is difficult to achieve nominal power power! (Swans is a special case in this regard, as the T200A, S200A and other products on a larger gain may Swans is adhering to the practices of some home stereo it.).

We must ensure that with the sound card without a “sonic boom”; but also to ensure adequate time to time with DVD power output; how to do? This in itself is a paradox question! After all, with a DVD with multimedia sound a large number of users, but also growing!

Design of two-line machine (with appropriate sound card and CD / DVD machines); multimedia audio “home” of a factory must seriously consider the question!

In fact, with the HIFI audio manufacturers to join multimedia industry. More and more the practice of home HIFI stereo audio to be used in multimedia. Discrete component amplifier as the morning dew, Edifier S2000 external amplifier + passive speakers, hair Friends of the introduction of passive box (suitable for a variety of external power amplifier with) and so are rather special.

For now; multimedia audio multimedia audio is not possible to completely replace the traditional home HIFI stereo sound ——– however, exhibited multi-media home HIFI audio features, is the future trend.


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