The new brand GamuT AudioL-3/L-5 Danish speaker

May 20th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 1,891 views |Comments Off

Danish audio industry from Europe’s new brand GamuT Audio, previously had their audition before and after the amplifier, most recently, GamuT Audio launch of their new two L-3 and L-5 speakers, the former for the bookshelf speakers, the latter Speaker for the landing.

L-3 and L-5 loaded with ScanSpeak GamuT-made for the speaker unit, L-3, Unit 2 for the two-way design, L-5 for the two-way three-unit design. Treble, middle / bass unit with dual voice coil design of the same monomer are known as SD-2 uses a dual-magnet system, the diaphragm is carbon fiber and paper fiber mixture of HPC diaphragm, the characteristics of hard and light widely acclaimed. Dual voice coil structure can withstand not only the speaker more power, but also a significant reduction in voice coil inductance, and enhance the capacity to achieve a sense of purpose. (DVD player free download)

Manufactured using 25mm MDF board cabinet, cabinet joined the groups of internal support ribs, to increase the sound intensity. To do with polished maple veneer, WBT speaker terminals for the high-level products, complete with a stainless steel nail foot landing. (DVD player)


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