The Revolution Is Being Shot on Digital Video

Dec 22nd, 2010 by dvdxplayer 1,287 views |Comments Off

In the closing credits for his impartial confection “Guy and Madeline over a playground Bench,” the youthful director Damien Chazelle does not just announce that he shot on movement image — he also names the black-and-white stock: Eastman Kodak Double-X harmful movement image 7222. it is a fitting coda to an enchantingly sincere romance about two grownup males and ladies in love, or possibly not quite, who occasionally break into tune and dance. Mr. Chazelle, born in 1985, wears his nostalgic influences lightly, such as John Cassavetes as well as the French New Wave, and has mentioned that movement image was the only method to go using the account and aesthetic he was aiming for. I bet he also collects vinyl.


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