Universal DVD Player

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SACD and DVD-Audio are high-resolution audio formats that were intended to replace the standard music CD, but have not made a large market impact with consumers. A Universal DVD player refers to a DVD player that plays SACDs (Super Audio CD) and DVD-Audio Discs as well as standard DVDs. Universal DVD players have a set of 6-channel analog audio outputs that allow the consumer to access SACD and DVD-Audio on an AV receiver that also a set 6-channel analog audio inputs.

Due to differences in the way SACD and DVD-Audio signals are encoded on a disc, the DVD player must convert the signal to an analog form as digital audio connections on a DVD player that are used for access Dolby Digital and DTS audio are not compatible with SACD or DVD-Audio signals.

Several manufacturers are in the process of developing a different digital audio connection protocol for the transfer of SACD and DVD-Audio signals from a DVD player to an AV receiver digitally. However, this will require the consumer to purchase a new AV receiver that would be compatible with any new connection scheme for these formats.

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