Can We Use the DVD Player as a CD Player?

May 21st, 2012 by Boren 5,695 views |Comments Off

Are you tired of switching between different devices when you want to play a CD instead of a DVD? Can we just use the same DVD player to play a CD? The answer is yes, and to be frank, the process is not difficult. Just follow the steps below.

play CD

Play a CD on a DVD Player

Step 1. Turn on the DVD player. Take out the DVD if there is one in the drive.

Step 2. Make sure the disc is in good condition, not being scratched or dirty. If there is dust or dirt, use a clean soft cloth to wipe it carefully before inserting it into the drive.

Step 3. Press “Play” button on the DVD player itself or on the remote control. It will begin to read the sic.

Step 4. Select a track by pressing the “Scene Selection” buttons. It maybe takes while for you to find all the right buttons to work the CD playing function.

Step 5. Enjoy the music from the CD. The DVD player just works as a CD player and show the tracks of CD through the TV speakers.

See? It is quite easy to play CD on DVD player. Just take a try. No more machine switching again.


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