Video Editor for 3GP Phone – Edit and Convert Video for 3GP Phone

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The lightweight, highly compressed 3GP format is optimized for use on mobile devices and for distribution across the web. You may have lots of video clips that you have taken in your daily life or on a trip or on a party, and want to organize these video clips in a video editor and convert them to your 3GP phone.

A program with video editing and converting features is what you need. Aviosoft 3GP Video Converter can work as a video editor for 3GP phone, it can clip, crop, merge videos, add effects on video and convert video to 3GP.

Before we get start, install the video editor for 3GP phone first.

Edit Video

Import videos by clicking “Add File(s)”.

1. Clip: click clip button open a new window where you can preview the video so that you can decide which part to clip. Drag the process bar to set the start point and end point. You can start a new clip by hit the “New Clip” button. Click “OK” to finish the clipping.
2. Crop: click crop button to enter editing window. Drag the red points to crop the video frame, make it fit your mobile phone display.
3. Watermark: click “Watermark” button to add watermark text. Drag the text to change watermark position.

add watermark text

4. Subtitle: click “Subtitle” item to enable the plug-in subtitle, add .srt file and adjust the position.

add subtitle

5. Merge: click merge button to open merge window. First, add video clips, and then you can include title and credits, at last Create Movie.

Convert Video to 3GP Phone

1. Set output folder to save converted 3GP video files.
2. Click “Start” button to begin the video to 3GP conversion.

Feel interested in the video editor for 3GP phone? Want to create a professional home video with all the amazing effects? Now download the free trial of this video editing & converting program to test first!


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