Free Solutions to Watch DVD for Free on Computer

Apr 14th, 2012 by Boren 3,197 views |Comments Off

Many people asked the same question: how to convert their desktop PC or laptop drive to region free. The chances are that their current drive will only change its region at most five times. Once the permitted changes have been used up, the drive will be locked to the region of the final switch. Then they can’t play disc in other regions. You have to pay for those movies if you really want to watch, either going to the cinema, or using Internet. If you want to watch DVD for free, here are some solutions.

Those people whose DVD drives are manufactured before 2000 are lucky, because most DVD drives manufactured before 2000 are region free by default. This kind of DVD drives is known as RPC-1 and those made after 2000 are RPC-2.

Till now, most people probably are using a computer with a drive manufactured after 2000. There is software named firmware inside the DVD drive; one can permanently change the firmware. Get a free tool which can display your drive’s model. Normally, you will be looking for a compatible RPC-1 firmware for your model plus a compatible tool to install it with. But you should be aware that changing the drive’s firmware may rarely damage it.

Another way is to get a region free DVD player for your PC, that kind of DVD player software will play any DVD from any region on any drive, even if you have used up your region counter and can no longer change the DVD drive’s region.

With a zone free DVD player, you can watch whatever you want for free, without pay for the expensive cinema ticket, or pay for the Internet traffic.



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