The connection between computer and TV set – watch live TV on computer

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A common way to show digital pictures and videos to friends is crowding them around your computer screen and the common way to watch TV shows is sitting on the sofa facing with the TV set. Have you ever thought about connecting the two devices sometimes and making them exchangeable for each other, such as displaying digital images and videos on TV or watching TV show on the computer? Technology makes this possible.

Display Digital Images and Videos on TV

Digital pictures and videos from a camera can be saved and viewed through a computer. But sometimes is inconvenient when there are several friends and the screen is not large enough. Then you can connect the computer to a TV either wirelessly or with cables. Maybe hardware such as S-Video, HDMI, DVI or HDMI-DVI, VGA is needed. It depends on the interface on your computer.

Watch Live TV on the Computer

In cold winter, you may huddle up in bed and want to watch the ongoing TV series on your laptop. It is possible to use the right wired or wireless equipment installed. Some TV broadcasts are accessible directly online and no connection to a TV required. But some are not. One who has a DVR may prefer to connect their computer to the DVR.  But some who is familiar with electronic products and the connection method may feel scalp numb.

So here is a simple way to watch live TV on the computer. A DTV player program can easily make it right. It supports DVB-T, ATSC/NTSC, CMMB, AVS, DMB-TH, DVB-S (satellite), DVB-S2, DVB-C (cable), DVB-T and ISDB-T standards, analog TV, FM radios, High Definition TV (H.264); playback videos, pictures, audios and DVD movies. If you have a Windows operation system computer, and installed this program, you will be able to watch any program you want to and record TV shows while busing at work or meeting friends.


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