What is AAC?

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Audio formats like computer hardware and software, will be replaceed at last, like the position tape being taken by CD? The CD will also have to be replaced by DVD-Audio. As time goes by, MP3 more and more unsatisfactory, its compression ratio lower than Ogg, WMA, VQF and other formats, sound quality worse (especially under low-bit-rate), only two channels … … So Fraunhofer IIS and the AT & T, Sony, Dolby, Nokia and other companies formed a union and developed known as Advanced Audio Coding (referred to as AAC) audio format – “the 21st century, data compression method” to replace the position of MP3.

In fact, the algorithm AAC was completed in 1997, and was then known as MPEG-2 AAC, because we use it as an extension of MPEG-2 standard. However, with the MPEG-4 audio standard in 2000 molded, MPEG-2 AAC encoding is also used as its core technology, with an additional number of new coding features, so we called MPEG-4 AAC.

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