What is DVD’s two audio formats AC-3 and DTS?

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Dolby Digital AC-3 surround sound system provided by five full-range channels plus a subwoofer channel is formed, it is called 5.1-channel, five channel, including front of “the left channel,” ” mid-channel “,” right track “, the rear of the” Left surround channel “and” right surround channels. ” The sixth channel is the subwoofer channel contains some extra bass of information, making some scenes, such as explosion, crash, etc. better. (DVD to 3GP Converter)
Digital cinema systems (Digital Theater Systems) surround sound technology in the family appeared a new technology, it is also a 5.1 audio system, left channel, right channel, center channel, left ring sound Bypass, right surround channel and bass channel. DTS system is a fully digital multi-channel surround sound technology, using “relevant acoustic” code, it is only a 4:1 compression ratio, can be called a “lossless” decoding system. As located in the professional standards, more demanding on the sound quality, it records the compression ratio to well below the AC-3 system, playback sound quality is superior to AC-3 system. (DVD to iPod Converter)

DTS digital surround sound the same effect are 5.1 channel surround, DTS and AC-3 uses a different compression technology will save surround sound to DVD. Play must be used with DTS decoding capabilities of the system can be hidden in the DVD release of 5.1.

Is also 5.1, DTS with Dolby Digital 5.1 differ? The biggest difference is that the two use different ‘algorithms’, which is used in different ways to compress 5.1-channel sound. Dolby Digital 5.1 the same data can be weighted down less, takes up minimal space. Conversely, because DTS is not deliberately seeking the most powerful compression capabilities, and therefore have the opportunity to save more information, if handled properly, can indeed provide a very excellent performance. (DVD player software)


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