What is MKV and how to play it?

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First, to clarify a misunderstanding, mkv is not a compressed format, DivX, XviD is the video compression format, mp3, ogg is audio compression format. The mkv is a “combination” and “package” format, in other words is a container format.

Universal multimedia container

MKV is a Matroska media files, Matroska is a new multimedia package format, which can be encoded in many different video and more than 16 different formats of audio and subtitle streams in different languages into one Matroska Media File package!

Multi-media package format, also known as multi-media containers, it is different from DivX, MP3 encoding format such, it is only for multimedia coding provides a “shell”, a common AVl, VOB, MPEG format, belong to this category. However, these packaging formats are too obsolete in structure, or not open enough, and as such, so Matroska format’s come into being as a new multimedia package become very necessary.

Matroska media defines three types of files: MKV is a video file, it which may also contain audio and subtitles; MKA is a audio file, but may have another and a variety of types of tracks; MKS is the subtitle file. These three files of MKV are most common.

Characteristics of MKV

Take a look at the current popular multimedia container types, such as AVI, which can accommodate multiple types of video encoding and audio encoding, such as VP6, DivX, XviD and other video encoding and PCM, MP3, AC3 audio encoding, etc.; VOB is another kinds of features of the more obvious the media container, it can accommodate MPEG-2 video stream, a number of AC3, DTS, THX, PCM audio stream, a number of different languages, and graphic subtitle stream.

Matroska is characterized by its great ability to accommodate many different types of encoded video, audio and subtitle streams, even if it is very close to RealMedia, and QuickTime are also included in it, and audio and video of their re-organization to achieve better effect. It can be said of traditional media formats, a major subversion! It is now almost become a universal media container.

How to play MKV

Matroska play does not require a dedicated player, any DirectShow player can play MKV, OGM, MP4 files, such as the common Media player Classic, BSplayer, ZoomPlayer players, and even Windows Media player. But in order to savor MKV video with the best display effect, you definetly need a better player. DVD X Player is the best we can offer, it is a professional DVD/video player, which can play DVD, RMVB, AVi, MKV, MP4, etc. Try it, and you will know how good it is.


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