What is SVCD?

Apr 27th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 2,268 views |Comments Off

Super Video CD, mainly used in Asian countries. Uses MPEG2 Video and therefore much better image quality – LaserDisc-like and also offers High quality surround sound. Furthermore it can take advantage of hardware decoders and there are players for many operating systems. However there are only a few – mostly Asian made low-end - DVD player that can play SVCD and other than SVCD player which are not sold in the US and Europe you can only play SVCDs on your computer. Video is MPEG2 at up to 2600kbit/s and audio MPEG1 audio layer 2 up to 224kbit/s. MPEG2 multichannel audio is also possible, but most players will only output 2 channels and those that will pass through 5.1 audio still require that you have an mpeg2 multichannel capable receiver.


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