What is the difference between DVD X Player Professional and Standard?

Mar 17th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 1,435 views |Comments Off

They differs in many functions, here are three major ones:

First, the differences lies in the time of recording, DVD X Player Standard version allows you to record DVD to MPEG2 video for 15 minutes, while the Professional version give you 30 minutes more than the Standard one, and the Pro version also have no limitation of time in MP3 recording;

Second, DVD X Player Professional can streach the display size to 16:9 wide screen mode, wide-screen movie fun then became just so simple;

Third, there are also big improvement of DVD X Player Professional in recording time of DVD-VCD and DVD-SVCD.

Differences still exist in audio channels output, audio support etc. Click DVD X Player (Professional & Standard) to view more details.


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