What is the special feature of Dolby Pro Logic II?

Apr 13th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 3,178 views |Comments Off

Ask: From the product description of DVD X Player, and you put that:”DVD X Player support Dolby Pro Logic II.” But I have no idea what is so special with that?

Answer: In fact, with Dolby Pro Logic II technology, when you push the play button, instead of hearing ordinary two-channel audio, you’ll find yourself enveloped in seamless, natural surround sound. It have three main features:

* Transforms ordinary stereo content into rich, full-range surround sound
* Ensures that you hear all the subtleties and detail of the original content
* Delivers seamless, natural surround sound

To learn more information, please go to: http://www.dolby.com/consumer/understand/playback/dolby-pro-logic-ii.html


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