What should I do if I havenot got the software after purchasing?

Jan 19th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 1,179 views |Comments Off

When you finish the payment, there will be an Order Confirmation Email sent from RegNow, where you can find your order info such as order ID, full name and version of the software, the download link and seiral number for the software etc.  If you havenot received the Order Confirmation Email after purchasing, please do steps below:

1. Please check the ‘Trash” box of your email to check if the Order Confirmation Email has been sent to your trash box or not.

2. Please contact orders@regnow.com to check your order payment status. If the payment is confirmed, please ask orders@regnow.com for the Order Confirmation Email resent.

3. If still fail, please send your order info such as your order ID, the full name and version of the software you purchased, the email address you used to fulfill the Purchase Form etc. to support@dvd-x-player.com. Our support staff will send you the download link and serial number within 1 working day after receiving your email.


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