What should we do if we bought a defective DVD player?

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In order to adress this issue more effectively, I will cite a friend’s personal experience and give an analysis for it.

Case narration: A couple of weeks ago I bought a DVD player. It worked for the first few times I used it but now it just won’t work at all. I took it back to the shop but the salesperson told me that as it was working when they sold it to me, the company is no longer responsible for it. Furthermore, the sales-person also implied I might have damaged it. I know I have used the DVD player properly and that I have not damaged it. What can I do?

Analysis of the case: First and foremost, the salesperson is wrong to say that because the DVD player was working when it was sold to you, the shop is not liable if it does not work now. Under the Consumer Affairs Act you have the right to be sold goods that are fit for the particular purpose for which you require them and that you informed the trader about during the sale.

Besides this, goods should also be fit for all their normal purposes. Since this is not the case, you should be entitled to a remedy either in the form of repair or replacement, or a part or full refund of the money paid. However, the latter can only be requested if repair or replacement is not possible, or if opted for, would cause you a significant inconvenience. Furthermore, these remedies are available for two years from the date of delivery of the DVD player.

If after complaining with the trader these rights are denied to you, you can pursue your request for a remedy by regist-ering your case with the Consu-mer and Competition Division for mediation and amicable settlement.

Next time you run into this kind of situation, take your weapon and protect your legal rights, remember that you are protected.


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