Why Would I Need to Upgrade DVD Player Firmware?

Mar 30th, 2010 by dvdxplayer 2,218 views |Comments Off

Some times we can not play the DVD on our computer, and was told to upgrade our firmware. So how to deal with it?

DVD players are just computers. Each of them has a software program that decides how it plays discs. It’s called firmware because the software is stored on a chip. Some players have flaws in their programming that cause problems when playing certain DVDs. To rectify the problem, or in some cases to work around authoring errors on popular discs, the player must be upgraded with a replacement firmware chip. This usually has to be done in a factory service center, although some players can be upgraded simply by inserting a CD.

Now, with DVD X Player – a professinal DVD player software, we don’t need to be bothered upgrading the firmware. And we can just play.

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