Why won’t the burned DVD play

Jan 03rd, 2012 by Boren 2,671 views |Comments Off

It is really frustrating when you tried your every effect to burn a DVD and only to find it don not play. You edit the movie elaborately and burned it onto a DVD, but when you insert into the DVD player, it won’t play. Why won’t the burned DVD play?

Well, there may be lots of reasons, here in this article, I will list them out, so that you can fix the disks and prevent the problem in the future.

1. The Type of Disk:

There are multiple types of disk and certain player and burner accepts certain type of disk. Check the DVD disk type in the specification of DVD player and burner.

2. DVD Player

If your DVD player is bought in recent years, it should be able to play DVDs burned on home PC. But old ones won’t.

3. DVD Labeling

Don not use stick-on labels. Though they are marketed for labeling DVDs, but most often may prevent a fine DVD from playing. Use a permanent marker to put titles and labels on the disk.

4. Scratches

Scratches and dust can affect normal playing. Clear it carefully and try it again, usually it will work, if not, burn a new copy.

5. Burning Speed

There are selections of burning speed. The slower you burn, the more reliable the disk will be. Some DVD player even won’t play DVD burned at 4X.

6. DVD Format

DVDs are not universal. What plays in one area won’t play everywhere else in the world. Certain region DVD players will only play certain region code DVDs. When the region code is not matched, it won’t play.

7. Bad Burn

Sometimes, you just get a bad burn. Maybe you have no luck. Could be the dirty DVD drive, could be the overworked computer, and could be the slightest bit of dust.


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