Will 3D Movie Go Home?

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Thanks to recent advances in digital technology movie producers, directors and theater chain owners can release blockbuster films across the country in a dazzling immersive medium. There are now nearly 2,500 3-D digital theaters across the US and that number will grow quickly as more and more movies are released in 3-D. DVD to 3GP converter

With this success most major consumer electronics manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG and Hitachi are ramping up their factory production to build and deliver product that will enable a 3-D viewing experience in the home.

First we need to understand why 3-D has had recent success after slumbering along since the 1950.  Pricing to go to the movies has crept up to where it’s now common to pay $10 a ticket and twice that amount for your popcorn, soda, candy and Bon-Bons, add to that the cost of parking the car and you’ve got any expensive date night, so adding an extra couple bucks to see it in 3-D is not a big barrier in the grand scheme of things. It’s sort of like the decision to super-sizing a meal. Given the option most will say yes. DVD to iPhone Converter

Going to the Cineplex is all about an experience where hordes are content sitting arm and arm in total darkness with complete strangers to enjoy a few hours immersed in the complete suspension of disbelief. As such it’s not a big deal to don a pair of less than flattering glasses if you know the experience is heightened. Once the movie starts you pretty much are in a locked stair straight ahead until the ending credits roll.

The technology for 3-D is known as “Stereoscopic Imaging” where glasses, known by their tech term as “Focal Lenses”, are used to focus two independently sent images so that the brain sees it as one and an increased depth of field is perceived by the viewer. DVD to PSP Converter

Now let’s consider how this 3-D experience plays out in the home.

First comes the need for both new hardware (the gear) and software (the movies, games and broadcast TV).

For starters you need a new 3-D TV, a new 3-D Blue-Ray DVD player, new 3-D compatible cables (HDMI version 1.4) and 3-D “active shutter” glasses.  Just in case you’re wondering, those 3-D glasses they hand you at the Cineplex won’t work on your home system, as the home system works on active glasses and the Cineplex uses a passive system.  Oh, and don’t forget you’ll also need the 3-D Blue Ray DVD movie.

Today there are a couple great 3-D complete systems to choose from that you can see firsthand at your local Best Buy / Magnolia or other popular retail store. DVD to iPod Converter

First on the market are systems from quality manufacturers, Samsung and Panasonic.  Both 3-D packages include a 55” flat panel TV, a 3-D blue ray player and a pair of Active Shutter glasses. The glasses are called active because they receive an infra red broadcasted signal from the 3-D TV set.  In case you’re now wondering the Samsung glasses won’t work with the Panasonic TV and vice versa.  Think of it like the remote control that comes with your TV.  You need to stick with same brand for compatibility between the two.  Both of these systems are about $3,500.  If you want additional 3-D shutter glasses you can expect to pay between $150 to $200 for each pair.

Here are some facts to understand about these new hardware pieces.  The 3-D  TV’s will work great with existing cable, satellite, games, DVD’s  and pretty much anything you want to send it.  Due to the increased processing power and performance they look fantastic with all current sources.  Likewise the new 3-D DVD players will play standard DVD’s just fine too, so there is backwards compatibility. DVD to BlackBerry Converter

Like most emerging technologies, content will be one of the keys to success –

Hollywood is expected to release over 40 3-D movies in the first year, but as of today there is just one title available, Monsters vs. Aliens.

As of this writing there are two 3-D games available, Avatar and The Invincible Dragon.  Sony recently announced a firmware update for their PS3 that will enable 3-D gaming and DVD capabilities for sometime later this summer.  Microsoft and Nintendo are not saying anything about 3-D…just yet.

Comcast and DirecTV are both working on 3-D broadcasting.  ESPN is planning on over 80 3-D events starting with World Cup soccer in June and The Discovery Channel is partnering with Sony and IMAX to launch a full time 3-D channel sometime later this year. CloneDVD

So here are a couple million dollar questions that the manufacturers and retailers are eager to understand. First, and possibly most important, will thousands of consumers spend upwards of four thousand dollars to upgrade their equipment that is more than likely already pretty good stuff so that they can enjoy an occasional 3-D event (for now due to limited 3-D compatible software)?  Second, will the public wear somewhat goofy looking glasses in their family room to watch a TV event?  Remember this is not in a totally dark theater but rather in the TV room with ambient light and all the known household distractions we all live with.  People tend to be social animals in their own habitat and not sedentary with their heads in a vice-like grip as they are in the Cineplex.

Americans have a passion for new technology and particularly anything associated with their beloved TV.  I predict the early adopters will pay the big bucks, wear the quirky looking glasses and eagerly buy anything they can get their hands on when it comes to 3-D software.   They’ll proudly host 3-D themed parties and invite over family and friends for immersive events that will be all the talk of the town at the morning water cooler.  The manufactures will continue to push the boundaries of technology and bring better products for less money in a wide variety of sizes.  Hollywood and the gaming industry will offer thousands of software titles in dazzling 3-D. DVD Player Software

Just like color TV’s, VCR’s, DVD’s and HDTV’s the next big thing is clearly 3-D and will be a wildly successful in the years to come.


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