Windows 8 for tablets could debut publicly next week

May 24th, 2011 by dvdxplayer 1,535 views |Comments Off

Rumors suggest that Microsoft’s upcoming windows iteration could display up at the D: AllThingsDigital conference next week.

Microsoft is anticipated to launch windows 8 for Desktop and notebook PCs sometime around the finish of 2012, going by the company’s windows release patterns. However, the Redmond-based application giant is anticipated to unveil a version of windows 8 for tablet PCs and smartphones this year.

The business committed to supporting ARM microprocessors in windows 8, and also to supply a brand new interface created specifically for multi-touch input. it absolutely was reported that ms would publicly display away windows 8 for tablets sometime prior to the finish of June this year, with an eyesight on releasing it on products by years’ end.


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